Friday, September 30, 2016

Dr. Jude Dougherty on Aristotle

1P5: Another Catholic Scholar Raises Objections to Amoris Laetitia - "Deliberate Ambiguity"

Wearing an Eastern Epitrachelion


More on the church, which is rather Latinized.

Francis Meets Ilia II

Are you kidding?

The Orthodox already believe they are the one true Church! The same Neocatechumenal Way whose liturgies would be scandalous to the Orthodox. The hubris.

The Catholic Register: Brampton's St. Elias rises out of the ashes by Jean Ko Din

There is No Mean...

Between the Latin traditionalists and those who would seek to remake the Roman Church in accordance with their ideas. The mean used to be occupied, perhaps, by those in the Ressourcement movement, but what influence do they or their successors have now?

Benedict XVI Admits Qualms of Conscience about Vatican II

They think the old ways of thinking and praxis would restore the patriarchate of Rome.

The Kerygma

And his version of the Jesus prayer...

Georgia's Expectations for the Papal Visit

Benedict XVI

Thanks Be to God!

NLM: Consecration of St. Elias Church This Weekend

The Election

of a new superior general...

Divine Liturgy