Thursday, July 02, 2020

A Response to Latin Trads

But still making use of a Latin notion of sacrifice.


Shaun Blanchard on the History Behind Vatican I


This is more a history essay than a theological one; I presume the author is a Latin and so is unable to critically evaluate Rome's claims regarding the authority of the pope. Certainly the claims of hours
Isdiction have been recognized as being serious by the Eastern Orthodox for quite some time, and rejected as not being of Apostolic Tradition.

JD Flynn on the Latin Problem Who Is Archbishop Viganò


To be sure, few theologians or bishops would argue that Vatican II’s documents are above reproach, in terms of their style, their language, or their presentation of the faith. And scholars continue to disagree about how to interpret some key texts of the council. But accepting the legitimacy and authority of the Second Vatican Council is a necessary component of maintaining communion with the Church herself.

Latins can go on believing Vatican II was an ecumenical council; they need a Divine Rebuke.