Monday, November 16, 2020

A Discussion of the Perversion of the... Priesthood?

Should be the presbyterate. The linking of the clerical sex scandal to a perversion of the notion of priesthood, even if it is "bad" forms of priesthood, as opposed to "good" forms of priesthood (if the authors would admit of any other than the Christian one)... that is perhaps the most problematic thesis. The original article.

The Fear of God


George Neumayr on the McCarrick Report

Peddling His Genealogical Narrative

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Orthodox Times

The Place of Fr. Georges Florovsky in 20th ce Orthodoxy Theology

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Holy Matthew, Pray for Us!


Greece has enough leftism, but what if GOARCH exports heterodoxy back to the homeland in the name of "collaboration" and reciprocity?

But Do Bishops Really have This Authority?

OT practices and legislation may not be a good foundation for arguing that such an authority exists for Christian presbyters and bishops.

Of What Use Will the USCCB Virtual Meeting Be?

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