Thursday, May 12, 2016

A Cause of Division Between Croats and Serbs?

Crux: Croatians eager to see Cardinal Stepinac declared a saint

St. Iakovos Retreat Center


Christ is Risen!

The Lordship of God

At first I thought he might be referring to the kingdom of God. But the Latin tweet has "potentia," power of God.

Which language is the normative one for papal Twitter utterances? The Spanish seems closer to the English:

Maybe they need a better Latinist doing the tweets in Latin.

Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong

An Offshoot of Sufism?

No doubt considered a heresy by mainstream Islamic (Sunni) authorities.

The Benedict XVI Centre for Religion and Society


Crux Now: New book says Vatican II key to understanding Pope Francis by John Allen

His pontificate isn't even over yet and still people are trying to analyze his actions. The author is on the staff of La Stampa, so another Bergoglio partisan?

Giacomo Galeazzi, Il Concilio di Papa Francesco: La Nuova Primavera della Chiesa

Il Concilio di papa Francesco: Nell’analisi di Giacomo Galeazzi il Pontefice realizza la «primavera della Chiesa»

The Theology of Joseph Ratzinger

Crux Now: Love Pope Benedict's Theology? Try a Master's Degree (via Fr. Z)