Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Who Would Do the English Translation?

Patriarch Kirill: At the present stage of drafting the catechesis, the priority is its church reception

The People of God

Fr. Hunwicke: Jews and Christians

Not an ad hom...

From Ignatius Press: Jesus' School of Life: Incentives to Discipleship by Christoph Cardinal Schoenborn

How good is he as a theologian, if theology must not simply be thought but lived and his questionable tenure as (arch)bishop, who should be a theologian par excellence, both as teacher and as one who prays.

An academic theologian is not necessarily a neo-scholastic, which Schönborn probably isn't.

That said, the description of the book sounds good, so I'd probably take a closer look at it myself.

Saints Cyril and Athanasius

We American Christians have a funny way of acting like we invented the faith. Or maybe it fell out, like an old letter,...

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Reading Classical Greek