Thursday, August 08, 2019

Upholding the Monoepiscopate: One City, One Bishop

What powers does a bishop have that a presbyter doesn't, and why should the bishop have those powers instead of the presbyter? What about scale? (Or "subsidiarity"?) Does unity of Christians in a geographical area require the monoepiscopacy, or can it be achieved through synodality with a limited primacy for one?

A Translation of Barth

Digitization of Mount Athos Treasures

Wednesday, August 07, 2019

A Dominican Rite First Mass

Archbishop Gullickson on Liturgical Restoration

Jared Ortiz on the Latin Tradition of Deification

Public Orthodoxy: How Catholics Have Always Believed and Taught Deification

The People of God

It goes on to recognize an ecclesiology that sees the sacrament of Baptism as the foundation of the vocation and ministry of every Christian, clergy and laity alike. Thus all the People of God together constitute a single community.

And what of chrismation? No one wants to touch that question - why not? Byzantines and others could easily become polemical with respect to Latin pastoral practice regrading confirmation.

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