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IOTA Orthodox Asceticism and Spirituality Group: A Vision Statement

Archimandrite Zacharias on the Spiritual Life

Because People Are Still Interested in Ignatian Spirituality?

To know and do God’s will: A short Ignatian primer by Fr. Charles Fox

Ordinary Jursidiction

Setting aside the question of Pope Honorius -- if we take the first millenium as the model of how the papacy should be exercised with respect to the Church Universal, is there any document or utterance about the office of the pope by a pope, either alone or with a Latin council, that rises to the level of heresy? (There may be errors, especially in the application of proof texts, but heresy, or material heresy?)

Can one claim about having ordinary jurisdiction over the Church Universal without enumerating what powers that includes? If it is limited to being a court of appeal and being the final arbirter or adjudicator over disputes, including doctrinal disputes, would that be enough? Or would one have to refer to the (Latin) canon laws that existed at the time as well to understand what this means?

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CNA: Pope to theologians: Spiritual conversion should precede pastoral solutions
"the pope said a concern for migrants and refugees “provokes a metanoia that can foster ethical and theological reflection, even before inspiring suitable pastoral attitudes and responsible and carefully planned political policies.”"

The broad principle, as given by the headline, is correct; spiritual conversion should precede pastoral solutions. But the pope does not use this broad principle before examining his own thoughts on migration; is what he advocates in accordance with the order of charity? Should not the Church focus more on evangelization rather than dictating political policy? And if so, does the Latin Church have what is necessary to draw people into the Church?

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Techniques for Meditation and Contemplative Prayer with Sacred Art

Alexander Lingas Interview

E. Christian Brugger on Marengo's Book

CWR: Marengo’s Lament: ‘The Birth of an Encyclical’ unwittingly confirms old truths by E. Christian Brugger

Pope Paul VI had no doubts about the truth of the doctrinal teaching he set forth in Humanae Vitae, but that he knew given the signs of the times that the teaching would be hard to receive.

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Celtic Britain

OrthoChristian: THE CHURCH IN SEVENTH CENTURY CELTIC BRITAIN by Archpriest Vladislav Tsypin

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First Things: Aristotle Returns by Tim Crane

Neo-Aristotelian Perspectives on Contemporary Science edited by william m. r. simpson, robert c. koons, and nicholas j. teh routledge, 352 pages, $140 Raphael’s School of Athens depicts Aristotle and Plato at the center of a group of ancient Greek philosophers modeled on . . . . Continue Reading »

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Enthronement of Bishop Milan

Vatican News and Logos.tv

Collegium Sanctorum Angelorum


Anticipating receiving applications in 2018 and having a freshman class in 2019.