Wednesday, August 29, 2018

How Much of This is St. Augustine, How Much is Just Latin Theology?

Orthodoxy, worship, and Saint Augustine by Matthew Tsakanikas, STD
Doctrine exists for worship and not simply for itself. Doctrine apart from worship is barren.

Does this escape "functional Unitarianism"?

Thinking with the NuChurch Instead?

CWR Dispatch: Fr. James Martin is not thinking with the Church by Fr. Steve Mattson

What Fr. Martin writes and says seems guided more by GLAAD than by God, and is more aligned to the thinking of the World than the Word.

Christianity in Ukraine explained in 35 minutes by Right Rev. Dr. Andriy Chirovsky

A Defense in Which Modesty Is No Longer Primary

OrthoChristian: In Defense of Women Who Adhere to Tradition and Wear Headscarves

Is it a good angle for approaching the issue? Shouldn't modesty for the sake of the woman, and also for the sake of her brothers in Christ, be important?

Speculation about Luficer

Why Was Lucifer in the Garden? by Seraphim Hamilton

Adam was destined to be exalted above the angels, and Lucifer could not bear it. Envy incited him to deceive Eve, thus bringing about his own fall from glory.