Thursday, September 08, 2016

In Good Shape or Bad Shape?

An Icon of the Theotokos

The 12 Great Feasts

The Nativity of the Theotokos

Adam's Sin

What of Cardinal Parolin?

How will history judge him when this pontificate is a memory?

Not a Latin!

Metaphysically Problematic

If he's not speaking literally, it's very sloppy.

Then again, perhaps we should blame the one who is doing the tweeting for Pope Francis. The Latin version seems better:

Previews of Benedict XVI's New Book

Benedikt XVI. bricht sein Schweigen (English translation at Catholic Conclave)

"SZ": Benedikt XVI. kritisiert in neuem Buch katholische Kirche in Deutschland (English translation)

The Catholic Thing: Pope Francis in Conciliar Context by Howard Kainz

OAJ Interview with Seraphim O'Keefe

Religious Freedom and the Security State