Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Scott Hahn's Latest Book

CWR: How one Protestant's pursuit of the Fourth Cup led him to the Catholic Church

De Mattei Criticizes One Form of Ultramontanism

Rorate Caeli: De Mattei: The Disfigured Roman Primacy by the Successor of Peter Francesca Romana at RORATE CÆLI - Roberto de Mattei Correspondenza Romana September 26, 2018 The impressive rapidity with which events are unfolding one after the other in the Church makes one think that this is due not only to the dynamics of historical acceleration, but a deliberate choice by the agents of chaos to increase disorientation and paralyze the forces that are seeking to resist the rush of the tide.

A Sad Closing

Rorate Caeli: Dying Italian Dominicans Leave Behind Fra Angelico