Monday, March 28, 2016

Chiesa: How Cardinal Müller Is Rereading the Pope by Sandro Magister

Point by point, the exegesis made by the prefect of doctrine on the Francis’ words that most lend themselves to misinterpretation. On homosexuality, communion for the divorced and remarried, Luther, women's priesthood, celibacy of the clergy

Antonio Socci, La Profezia Finale

Il Mio N uovo Libro. Per Capire I Giorni Che Stiamo Vivendo (see Pertinacious Papist)

1P5: “It is Necessary to Kneel Before the Lord, Not the Newspapers”

Mother Angelica Passes

Bishop Robert Barron on her spiritual legacy.

Holy Monday The Bridegroom- ΜΕΓΑΛΗ ΔΕΥΤΕΡΑ Ιδού ό Νυμφίος έρχεται