Friday, February 13, 2015

Who Picked the Crucifix?

I would think the Franciscans would be more likely to adopt one like this.

What Impact on the Local Church?

Benedict XVI: No Regrets about Retiring

Again, Does the Church Universal Need the Roman Curia?

Fr. Dewan has passed. Eternal memory.


St. John of Kronstadt on Deification

Metropolitan Hilarion on Ecumenism

St. Peter of Damaskos

One Lust Hurrah from Karl Keating?

Circling the New Geocentrists: An Interview with Karl Keating by Carl E. Olson
A new book by the founder of Catholic Answers addresses the scientific mistakes, theological errors, and conspiracy-minded promoters of geocentrism

He doesn't name Robert Sungenis in the interview; does he do so in the book? How about Wolfgang Smith? Does he even know who Wolfgang Smith is?

Galileo Was Wrong hasn't been updated for a while.