Monday, February 11, 2019

Enthronement of His Beatitude, Epifaniy, Metropolitan of Kyiv and All Ukraine

TCH clip


TCH clip from 3 weeks ago

From the Common Good to Public Order (and Back)

Gladden Pappin

Gerard Wegemer on Shakespeare, the Book of Sir Thomas More, and the Common Good

Delivery of the Tomos, January 6


Signs it in Constantinople. clip

Ethiopian and Assyrian Ecclesiologies of the First Millenium

What do they have to say about the place of St. Peter among the apostles and the relation of this datum to the bishop of Rome? Anything?

Rod Dreher: The Age Of Antichrist by ROD DREHER

When the papacy, the second principle of Latin ecclesiology seems like it is about to fail as a principle because of a bad pope, Latins declare that we are in the end times. Maybe they should just reconsider their ecclesiology and how rooted it is in Tradition.