Friday, February 21, 2014

The Personalist Project


Sometimes, all you can do is just wait for a bad idea to run its course and die out.
NLM: The Growing Realization of the Irreparable Failure of the Liturgical Reform
by Peter Kwasniewski

If Fr. Fessio were to come out stating his agreement with the authors cited above, that the reform of the reform is not the path to take (unless it be brought more into conformity with the ancient use?), then the reform of the reform movement in the U.S. is done. (Can it really be called a movement when its adherents are probably fewer by a magnitude or two than traditionalist priests?) Is there any interest in the reform of the reform overseas? Anyway, I don't think Fr. Fessio would ever come out and publicly state this, since it would entail an implicit or explicit criticism of the Pauline reform, and he is a good Jesuit.
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