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Last Week

Lectures by Fr. Dominic Legge, OP


DOCAT. Will it help or confuse?

Given the incomplete state of Catholic Social Teaching, I guess the latter.

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More on the Letter to Pope Francis

First mentioned here.

1P5: Theological Censures Against Amoris Laetitia Revealed
Crisis: Cardinal Sarah’s Ambitious Liturgical Reform by L. Joseph Hebert

A Photo...

Fr. Brian Mullady's New Book

Eastern Christian Books: In the Beginning Was the Beginning of Genesis

Eastern Christian Books: In the Beginning Was the Beginning of Genesis

Spring,That is Summer Cleaning

I need to tweak the color scheme for the blog...

Hope for the World: To Unite All Things in Christ

Meet Cardinal Burke, unfiltered
One of the most outspoken leaders of the Catholic Church provides a therapeutic analysis of the crisis affecting the Church

More on Amoris Laetitia

From Casuistry to Mercy, Towards a New Art of Pleasing? — An Essay on the Malaise in the Church by Msgr. Michel Schooyans
by Edward Pentin (via Pertinacious Papist)

The Modernist Ruse Behind the Bergoglian Pontificate by Christopher A. Ferrara (via Pertinacious Papist) -

A response to Thomas Rausch, "Doctrine at the service of the pastoral mission of the Church"

One American prelate seems to approve of Rausch's essay:

From Churches to Church by Thomas P. Rausch
Assessing the movement toward Christian unity

Islam and the Decalogue

The Catholic Thing: Islam and the Decalogue by Howard Kainz

A New Apostolic Constitution

But a necessary one? Or one that reinforces the centraliztion of power in the bishop of Rome? The text. Press release.

A critique by Hilary White for The Remnant.

The document makes the claim that contemplatives are mainly made up of women, but is this true of the East as well, which does not have religious orders? I think male monks in the East would disagree with the claim.

In the write-up on Zenit(?) that I glanced at while at the airport, something was written almost akin to the claim that women are naturally more "spiritual." Now, it may be that women are more "quiet" than men, who are more energetic, but is this the case mentally/psychologically as well?

Is Pope Francis proving Fr. Gabriel correct about the papacy and trends in Latin monastic reform?
Chiesa: A “Pontificate of Exception." The Mystery of Pope Benedict

Against the Antichrists who are undermining the Church. The theories of the political philosopher Carl Schmitt applied to the pontificate of Joseph Ratzinger and to his resignation

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Because Novelty is So Important

Apparently some have learned nothing from the last 50 years.

The Leo J. Elders, s.v.d. Online Library


I've Seen the Outside of this Church

But I've never been inside it...

The Meeting Point

Syrian Catholic Patriarch Speaks

A Request to Pope Francis

The Catholic Herald: The theologians’ letter has clarified what is really at stake in the Amoris debate by Dan Hitchens
The letter shows the real division is not pro- and anti-Francis, or rigorism versus mercy, but over Church teaching

See also: Theologians: Amoris Laetitia needs clarification against ‘heretical’ interpretations

Dormition of the Virgin Mary

Good Habits

Interview with Dr. Friedrich Schweitzer

St. Mary Magdalene

Sandro Magister...

Chiesa: Brandmüller: “The Resignation of the Pope Is Possible, But May It Never Happen Again”
The German cardinal, an authoritative historian of Christianity, weighs in on the ever more incandescent question of the resignation of Benedict XVI. Which in his judgment has not been good for the Church

A Pope Like None Before. Somewhat Protestant
The idyll between Francis and the followers of Luther. The alarm of cardinals and bishops against the “Protestantization” of the Catholic Church. But also the distrust of authoritative Lutheran theologians

Another with Marcus Plested

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Chiesa: Jesus Will Return From the East. But at the Vatican They Have Lost the Compass

The Holy See disowns Cardinal Sarah, who wants all the priests and faithful at Mass to be “facing the Lord.” But he is not giving up, and is relaunching the proposal. From Ratzinger to Bergoglio, the uncertain fate of the “reform of the reform”

Huge Gap Separates Pope Francis from Liturgical Traditionalists by Massimo Faggioli (Global Pulse Magazine)
CWR: Reason, Authority, and the Roman Rite by Dr. Leroy Huizenga

Catholics are often finding themselves in a situation in which the Church’s authorities sometimes seem to set themselves against the Church’s own teaching and rites.
CWR: On making the world safe for Jesuits
A new book explores the Jesuit connection to world Catholicism and world problems in the 19th and 20th centuries.
By James V. Schall, S.J.

Related: With new ordinations, the Jesuits see hope for the future
In many respects, reports of the death of the Society of Jesus are greatly exaggerated.
By Anne Hendershott

Canon Law and CST

CWR Blog: Quick thoughts on the ultimate purpose of canon law and social doctrine By Carl E. Olson
And what is real social justice? The Book of Revelation answers that important question.

Another Article on Scholasticum

CWR Blog: New institute to offer online classes in medieval theology and philosophy
7/15/2016 12:00:00 AM
By Jim Graves
The Scholasticum has a campus in Italy, but is bringing medieval scholasticism to anyone with an Internet connection.

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Patristic Nectar Publications


Hopefully No Surprises There

Ed Feser on Capital Punishment

Why the Church Cannot Reverse Past Teaching on Capital Punishment
If Pope Francis were to teach that capital punishment is “absolutely” immoral, he would be contradicting the teaching of scripture, the Fathers, and all previous popes, and substituting for it “some new doctrine.”

Why the Death Penalty is Still Necessary
Given the Church’s longstanding and irreformable teaching that death may in principle be a legitimate punishment for grievous crimes, the key issue for Catholics is an empirical and practical question.

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Bishop Barron Doesn't Go as Far as David Bentley Hart

The Cross of Jesus: God's Awful Work of Love by Bishop Robert Barron
How can we make sense of Saint Anselm's so-called "satisfaction" theory? By recognizing the true nature of sin.

But what he writes can be verbally harmonized with Patristic theories of atonement/redemption/deification. But is that what the bishop intended?

Ad Orientem (Now)

Cardinal Sarah's full, unabridged paper (via NLM)

Cardinal Nichols reacts to Cardinal Sarah
Fr. Z responds to Cardinal Nichols

And who thought Latin bishops had to know much? Let us pray that Cardinal Nichols's successor is better suited to the office.

Cardinal Sarah has challenged "the prejudices" behind "certain modern liturgical practices" By CWR Staff
An interview with Sacra Liturgia’s international coordinator, Dom Alcuin Reid, about the recent London conference and the reactions to Robert Cardinal Sarah’s Address.

CWR Blog
On Orientophobia: Coming out of the Liturgical Closet By Dr. Adam A. J. DeVille

Ad Orientem Nunc! by Dr. Leroy Huizenga
It’s a bit rich to accuse those who would celebrate our Holy Mass "ad orientem" of exercising mere personal preference and risking unity, when so much liturgical abuse rooted in priests’ preferences has gone unchecked and harmed unity.


Unless as infants these children couldn't receive all three sacraments of initiation... how likely is that the case?

First Communion for Iraqi Refugees Represents Hope for a Persecuted People

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I Hope the Book on Third Order Domincans is Finished Quickly

Augustine Thompson, OP is on Sabbatical

Check out his DSPT lecture on the Third Order here.


The Lucky Few

to get a photo with the pope emeritus...

The Martyr Nektarios


Ultramontanes When It Suits Them

Pray Tell reaction to the Press Release regarding Cardinal Sarah's remarks.

Will you still be proclaiming your triumph when your churches die out and your vocations dry up? How's St. John's Abbey doing? The abbey may have some vocations, but will they pull the abbey towards tradition or remain stuck in the 60s?

To Be Released This Month

Another book by Matthew Levering... Engaging the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit

He also co-edited with Gilles Emery, O.P. Aristotle in Aquinas's Theology, which was released late last year. Don't know why that didn't show up on the radar.

Married Bishops

If the election of unmarried men to the episcopate was precipiated by problems with inheritance laws, if such problems could be avoided either through civil law/canon law/or a vow on the part of the man to be ordained bishop, would it be possible to have married bishops in the Church once again? After all, this too is only a human discipline, and it is said there have been married bishops in the Assyrian Church in recent memory. I heard last week an argument against married bishops, that it would cause too much strain on the family because he would be gone too often visiting his parishes, but what if the diocese or eparchy were limited in size, would this be such a problem?

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Who is the Ultramontane Now?

The defenders of the current bishop of Rome?

See Fr. Hunwicke, The Pontificate of Pius XII (3)

The previous parts:
The Pontificate of Pius XII (1)
The Pontificate of Pius XII (2)
CWR: The Panorthodox Council: A Fragile Hope for Aggiornamento?
Despite serious difficulties, the recent Holy and Great Council became a truly conciliar event which reflected the complexities of the Orthodox commonwealth while demonstrating its relevance to the modern world.
By Fr. Cyril Hovorun
CWR: A Flawed Search for Japan's Hidden Christianity By Dr. Eric Cunningham
Its inherently fascinating content and commendable literary quality notwithstanding, John Dougill’s "In Search of Japan's Hidden Christians" is not likely to satisfy serious researchers into the history of Japanese Catholicism.

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness: A Thirteenth-Century Take on Natural Rights

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Day 4 of Sacra Liturgia UK 2016

NLM: Sacra Liturgia UK: Day 4

St. Maiolus of Cluny

Once I Was a Clever Boy: St Maiolus of Cluny

Anton and Ekatarina Daineko

Placement of Icons?

I am thinking of the festal icon, in particular -- should these be before the iconostasis (as in the Slavic churches) or in the vestibule/narthex (as in the Greek churches)? And how is the procession of the festal icon be affected by the difference in location? If we accept that it is the entrance into the temple itself by all of the faithful that is of importance, rather than the entrance of the clergy into the sanctuary, that matters, then it seems that the festal icon should be located in the narthex. (That is to say the "holy space" is the temple proper, and not the area surrounding the altar, the "sanctuary."

Then is it appropriate to have another set of icons of our Lord and the Theotokos in the narthex as well? Should the narthex be the only locus of the veneration of icons? I don't think that necessarily follows from what has been said about placing the festal icon at the entrance to the holy space, i.e. the "nave" of the temple. But that does seem to be the standard Greek practice. Is it possible to have a mix of the two customs?

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The Revival of Monasticism in the East

The Way of Beauty

CWR: Finding the Way of Beauty by Carrie Gress, Ph.D.
Author and artist David Clayton on living the “via pulchritudinis” in our daily lives.

Way of Beauty (which is being used at the DSPT for a new course)

Still One of My Favorites

CWR Blog: The fearless wit and wisdom of Fr. George William Rutler by K. V. Turley
Fr. Rutler’s writing is filled with fearlessness, and it is the best type of fearlessness: a willingness to perceive the truth of matters.

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CWR Blog: Cardinal Robert Sarah's address "Towards An Authentic Implementation of 'Sacrosanctum Concilium'"
The following was given on July 5th at the 2016 "Sacra Liturgia" Conference held at The Oratory of St. Philip Neri in London (Brompton Oratory).

Chiesa: “Amoris Laetitia.” Basic Tips For Not Losing the Way

They are formulated by Cardinal Ennio Antonelli, who however asks also for “further guidelines on the part of the competent authority.” To prevent “risks and abuses both among pastors and among the faithful”

Need to Find More Photos

of the Divine Liturgy for the Holy and Great Council

How About Not Ethnic, But Native?

What happened to incultulration?

Pan-Orthodox Music Symposium

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Probably Not the Last Word from Dr. John Chryssavgis

A Failure of Political Theology

Is it a Scandal to Factionalize the Church?

Photos of Benedict XVI

St. Sophia's Church, Rome

Cardinal Sarah at Sacra Liturgia UK

NLM: Cardinal Sarah's Inaugural Address at Sacra Liturgia UK by Matthew Hazell

Of course the folks at Pray Tell are pooh-poohing his remarks.

Fr. Schall on the Forgiveness of Sins

“And Those Whose Sins Ye Shall Retain. . .”

Mercy is a secondary issue. It is not needed unless something goes wrong in the world. Christ came for the unjust, not the just. (Luke 5:32) In a sinless world, no one needs mercy. Still, it is not a sinless world, however much we might deny, privately and publicly, that certain sins are not sins.

Before anything needing forgiveness existed, Aquinas held that the universe was created in mercy, not justice. God was not necessitated to create anything. Creation did not occur because God “owed” something to someone in justice. God in creating did understand that free creatures, if He created any of these wobbly types, might well need mercy in addition to justice. So he proceeded with His plan.

Mercy is not “opposed” to justice, as if it makes justice somehow disappear in God and man. It is not either mercy or justice, but both justice and mercy. Mercy comes into play only when justice is requited.

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Religious Ethnic Cleansing

Fr Gerald Murray, Robert Royal, and Raymond Arroyo on Amoris Laetitia

1P5: EWTN Panel: Pope’s Comments on Marriage “Unacceptable”, “Reckless”

The Rise and Fall of Pope Francis by Christopher A. Ferrara

On that Latest Press Conference...

1P5: Pope Francis Doubles Down on “Who am I to Judge?”
1P5: Interview: Archbishop Gänswein on Benedict, The Two Popes, and Prophecy

I think it is this one...

FIUV Paper on the Participation of the Laity in the Eucharist

Rorate Caeli: The Traditional Mass and the Laity: a Position Paper from the FIUV

What Now for the SSPX?

IMPORTANT: SSPX Communiqué after meeting of all Superiors (on Canonical recognition)
Rorate Analysis: SSPX communiqué on relations with the Holy See

Bishop Fellay Stands Strong in Defense of Tradition

Nice Icon of Saints Peter and Andrew

The 65th Anniversary of the Ordination of Joseph Ratzinger to the Priesthood

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CWR: 10 things Michael Cook gets wrong in his criticism of papal critics By Carl E. Olson
Yes, Francis is often misquoted. Yes, Francis sometimes trips over his own rhetorical toes. But there are deeper problems. And saying so isn't a sin.

Voyage of Time Trailer

Off the Deep End

La Civiltà Cattolica

Chiesa: Communion For All, Even For Protestants

In addition to the divorced and remarried, for Luther’s followers as well there are those who are giving the go-ahead for the Eucharist. Here is how “La Civiltà Cattolica” interprets the pope’s enigmatic words on intercommunion