Saturday, March 16, 2019

Fr. John Whiteford on Constantinople and Ukraine

OrthoChristian: ”THE WATERS HAVE BEEN MUDDIED” An Interview with Fr. John Whiteford on the Ukrainian Crisis and the Judgment of God
by Archpriest John Whiteford, Jesse Dominick
Since I became Orthodox, one of the big things I have been concerned with is trying to bring people into the Church. It’s harder to bring people into the Church now because it’s harder to explain what Orthodoxy is.

Theology of Presbyterate/Episcopate


If the priest acts in persona Christi, how does he strengthen the "mystical understanding of his husbandhood and fatherhood"? Do presbyters participate in Christ's role as Bridegroom/Husband for the Church as the Mystical Bride? Not directly but as intermediaries or representatives of Christ who teach and lead, subordinate to Christ and the Holy Spirit. But in what way is Christ analogous to the human husband? Who would claim that Christ and the Church share some sort of egalitarian or even a complementarian relationship?