Friday, August 03, 2018

A Mess for the Ruthenians

CNA: Bishop Olmsted named apostolic administrator of Arizona-based Byzantine eparchy

Cardinal Zen on Pope Benedict XVI's Liturgical Theology

Martin Mosebach on Pastoral Clergy

Modern Russian Relief Icons

Fr. Z: “HEY! Wait for me!” Latin of change to CCC 2267 about capital punishment now available.

Eastern Christian Books: Liturgical Subjects and the Byzantine Self

Eastern Christian Books: Liturgical Subjects and the Byzantine Self

Eastern Christian Books: Exploring Gregory of Nyssa

Eastern Christian Books: Exploring Gregory of Nyssa

CNA Article on the Change in the Catechism Re: Capital Punishment

Catholic News Agency: Pope Francis and the death penalty: a change in doctrine or circumstances?

Sex, Sex, Sex

CWR: The theological roots of the present crisis by Fr. D. Vincent Twomey, SVD
An ambiguous attitude to “human sexuality” on the part of “mainstream” moral theology led in time to bishops effectively turning a blind eye to sinful behavior among clerics.

Another Byzantine-Rite Jesuit?

Fr Andrij Hlabse, SJ, Ordained to the Priesthood

Knowing God: The Practical Importance of St. Gregory Palamas by Fr. John Boddecker

Thursday, August 02, 2018

Pope Francis and Capital Punishment

CNA: Vatican Changes Catechism's Teaching on Death Penalty, Calls It Inadmissible

The word "inadmissible" is sure to generate discussion about why that particular word was used -- Bergoglio's sidestepping the question of whether he is contradicting previous Roman teaching on the liceity of capital punishment, and turning it into an absolute prudential judgment with which "reasonable" people should not disagree? Or is it really a synonym for intrinsically immoral?

What do the other apostolic churches teach about capital punishment?

Wednesday, August 01, 2018

"Christ Our King and God"

How old is this expression in the Byzantine rite? Is there a danger of understanding the kingship of Christ, as used in the Byzantine tradition, by referring to the human analogate as primary, rather than the Divine analogate? (As there may be such a danger in the Roman rite, especially with the Feast of Christ the King? See the comments of Fr. Bouyer in Liturgical Piety.) The Word is to rule in our lives, by ordering our actions and infusing us with Divine Love -- and human kingship is to be in accord with this.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

IOTA Orthodox Asceticism and Spirituality Group: A Vision Statement

Archimandrite Zacharias on the Spiritual Life

Because People Are Still Interested in Ignatian Spirituality?

To know and do God’s will: A short Ignatian primer by Fr. Charles Fox

Ordinary Jursidiction

Setting aside the question of Pope Honorius -- if we take the first millenium as the model of how the papacy should be exercised with respect to the Church Universal, is there any document or utterance about the office of the pope by a pope, either alone or with a Latin council, that rises to the level of heresy? (There may be errors, especially in the application of proof texts, but heresy, or material heresy?)

Can one claim about having ordinary jurisdiction over the Church Universal without enumerating what powers that includes? If it is limited to being a court of appeal and being the final arbirter or adjudicator over disputes, including doctrinal disputes, would that be enough? Or would one have to refer to the (Latin) canon laws that existed at the time as well to understand what this means?