Saturday, August 18, 2018

A New Setting

Latin Traditionalists!

Ed Peters on the Recent Change to the CCC

The death penalty debate and the Church’s magisterium by Edward N. Peters
I regard the liceity of the death penalty as having been established with infallible certitude by the Church’s ordinary magisterium.

The ordinary magisterium, one must see, takes a long, long time, to develop; it requires repetition and consistency over many generations, this, not simply on the part of popes but also by the bishops around the world, and even incorporates, to some extent, the lived acceptance of teachings by Catholic pastors, academics, and rank-and-file faithful through time.

This however applies to the theologoumena of the Latins as well.

"The Spirit of Vatican 2"

How not to design a church: Liturgical Music and Design: Jesuit Ministry in Slovenia by Bruce Morrill

Another Byzantine Jesuit

I still need to read his essay on marriage/divorce.