Saturday, March 09, 2013

Long day in San Francisco; I attended the special liturgy at the National Shrine of St. Francis sponsored by Our Lady of Fatima Byzantine [Russian Catholic] Church. I was talking to one of the members of the parish, who is also originally a Roman-rite Catholic. I mentioned to him that one reform that very few Roman-rite Catholics talk about is the removal of pews from a temple. This change might be too radical, but I think it might be a start to a better appreciation of liturgical prayer and the importance of prayer posture to being attentive. It may not be as important as other reforms (a return to ad orientem), but it may be a way to re-start organic development of the Roman rite, with respect to the liturgical piety of the laity. (And I don't have a problem with Roman-rite Catholics learning or even borrowing something from Catholics of other liturgical rites.)

More on the question of the pope emeritus:
Notice of Danger: A Church with Two Popes
The imminent conclave will elect the new pontiff. But it will not dismiss the uncertainties about the role of the so-called "pope emeritus." A great canonist reveals the risks of this title. And of other ambiguities that surround it