Sunday, October 14, 2018

A One-Sided Examination of Paul VI

Focused entirely on Humanae Vitae.

NCReg: My Wife is Catholic Because of Pope Paul VI by Shaun McAfee
We couldn't be more grateful to those faithful Catholics who brought us sweetly and courageously into the Church, and now, we await the official recognition that Pope Paul VI is a saint.

And another...

Paul VI’s Canonization Presents an Opportunity by Matthew E. Bunson
Recalling the Pope’s Prophetic Papacy

And the world didn't end...

But will it be an embarrassment and a PR disaster for the Patriarchate of Rome in the future? Or will everyone have forgotten the controversy in 100 years? (Will there be a true cult of Paul VI by then?)

A Diagram

The Metaphysics of Prayer

An Oldie

From One Eucharistic Prayer to Many: How it Happened and Why by FATHER CASSIAN FOLSOM, OSB

Somewhat appropriate given that Paul VI is supposed to be canonized today.