Monday, September 07, 2020

Kerygmatic Catechesis?

The English translation of the new General Directory for Catechesis is not out yet, so I can't what it says about "kerygmatic catechesis" but I can guess at the meaning, catechesis that is based on othe kerygma and makes use of the kerygma. But what other sort of catechesis is possible, if it is truly catechesis? Yes, there may be worse or less effective forms of catechesis, especially one that is too based on rationalistic apologetics or neo-scholasticism. 

Directory called ‘fresh, focused tool’ that will ‘enhance’ evangelization 

Bishop Barron:

Barron added: “The directory’s call for a ‘kerygmatic catechesis’ affirms the conference’s (USCCB’s) recent focus on the importance of living as missionary disciples. The authentic proclamation of the Gospel leads to the conversion of hearts and minds, which cannot help but manifest that ‘missionary impulse capable of transforming everything’ with the healing power of the Holy Spirit.”

But what is another bureaucratic paper weight going to do about the fact that the patriarchate of Rome suffers not only from a lack of proper catechesis but also from a lack of a proper reminding of the kerygma, which is to be found not only in Holy Scripture but the Roman rite? What sort of catechesis is possible when it makes no reference to the treasury of the Roman rite, given the discontinuity that exists between the extraordinary form and the ordinary form, and when the people have very little familiarity with it, even if they attend Mass on every Sunday?

The problems plaguing the patriarchate will not be solved by instructions from a central authority if it is not accompanied by other forms, and this is assuming the new General Directory itself is free of problems.

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