Friday, June 11, 2021

I Will Have to Read the Actual Condemnation of Action Française

Was there actual heresy involved?

The Latest from Marco Tosatti

Yes, That Is What St. Thomas Claims

But is that correct? Was recapitulation a choice? Or was suffering necessary for the New Creation?

Tenebrae Choir

Centenary of the Malines Conversations

More "Representation"

Rome Exercising "Universal and Ordinary Jurisdiction"

There is an argument that since these ecclesial movements are international that only the bishop of Rome has the competent authority to deal with them. But perhaps there shouldn't be international ecclesial movements that are not subject to the oversight of the local ordinary -- after all, isn't that the current situation now? And if the head of a movement is found to be abusive? Then it is up to the other members of that movement to bring him to a canonical trial, with local bishops involved. Instead we have legislation from Rome to deal with a problem that should be handled at the local level first. There is nothing to Latin teaching on the papacy that guarantees that decisions made by the Roman Curia will be correct or that "Canon Law" will be legislated properly or justly. And the fact that abuses of authority by Rome do happen is an argument against Roman claims of primacy.

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