Friday, January 04, 2019

An Ordination

Feser Responds to Finnis

CWR: Unnatural Lawyering: John Finnis’s brief against traditional Catholic teaching on capital punishment

John Finnis is a prominent Catholic law professor and chief apostle of the “new natural law theory” (NNLT) invented by the late Germain Grisez in the 1960s. At Public Discourse, Finnis and I have been [...]

More on the Lord's Prayer

Crisis: The Lord’s Prayer Is Just Fine the Way It Is BY R. JARED STAUDT
St. Benedict begins his Rule, “Hearken O my son, to the precepts of thy master, and incline the ear of thy heart.” This fundamental principle shapes not only the life [...]

Another for Latin Conspiracy Theorists

1Peter5: In New Book, Antonio Socci Speculates on the “Secret of Benedict XVI”

Il segreto di Benedetto XVI. Perché è ancora papa Antonio Socci RIZZOLI 146 pages Language: Italian only $10.99 Kindle Editor’s Introduction: It is a work already being discussed in Catholic circles around the world despite the fact that it is …

Related: Pope Benedict Has Spoken on Questions Regarding His Abdication… by Steve Skojec
…and he did it back in 2014. I had forgotten about this letter he wrote to La Stampa, because at the time, the theory that he had not truly abdicated was a quiet one. And it was before I started …

Rise of the Benevacantists: Who Is Pope? by Ryan Grant
The papacy of Pope Francis has set many new bars for the Church. Many of us, who are faithful Catholics, have been shocked and dismayed as he appointed heterodox clergy and prelates; promulgated highly ambiguous documents that appear to challenge …


Haven't checked up on this website for a while...

The prestigious Pantheon-Sorbonne University organised on March 30 and 31, 2017, a colloquium devoted to “The deposition of a Pope – loci theologiae, canonical models and constitutional issues.” With exceptional intellectual honesty, our Father was presented in it as the only theologian who had succeeded in defining and implementing a modern canonical procedure for the case of a Pope who would have deviated from the doctrine of the Catholic Faith.
Remnant: The Infallibility of the Ordinary and Extraordinary Magisterium by Robert J. Siscoe

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