Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Who, Indeed?

Sandro Magister: Who Covered Up McCarrick’s Offenses. The Silences and Words of the Pope

A Maronite Diaconal Ordination in Rome


Rome, liturgical Disneyland for liturgical tourists?

The Maronites are unfortunately content with their Latinizations.

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Icon of the 7 Greek-Catholic Martyrs

Sandro Magister: The Gulag Archipelago in Romania: The Story No One Has Told Before

The Enthronement of Archbishop Borys Gudziak

Intra-Latin Debates

How do we reconcile our Latin ecclesiology centered on the bishop of Rome with the pontificate of Francis? On one side, the Latin traditionalists, on the other Latin postconciliar "conservatives" who are not necessarily in agreement on all points.

Mirus's piece is more detailed and some of his rebuttals are on point, and while he is correct about the 20th century liturgical movement, it would be wrong to identify that with the postconciliar reform (which had begun under Pius XII) spearheaded by Bugnini.

Nonetheless, both sides are incorrect in so far as they adhere to that Latin ecclesiology, which informs their perspective on matters pertaining to the patriarchate of Rome.

CWR: Infiltration, innuendo, and the longing for certainty by Jennifer Roback Morse
We must not cling to certainty beyond what the facts allow. Infiltration, under-researched and over-stated, fails to meet this standard.

Infiltration: An idiot’s guide to the problems of the Church by Dr. Jeff Mirus