Thursday, October 22, 2020

Perhaps in a Hundred Years, a Fair Account Will be Written

Not only of Jorge Bergoglio, but of Karol Wojtyła's impact on the patriarchate of Rome. The last stages of the imperial papacy?

A Sore Spot

Which needs the healing of memories...

Holy Mary of Egypt

A Recommendation to the Ukrainian Catholic Churches in the Americas


The Mystery of Christ

Cardinal Cordes on the Latin Churches in Germany

David Clayton on the Necessity of Sacred Art


News about and Reactions to Pope Francis' Controversial Remarks in That Documentary

Fr. Agustino and Corazon Puro

John Paul II

(The Council of) Constance

Srdja Trifkovic

Selective Editing of the Interview of Pope Francis for the Francesco Documentary

"Joe" points out that a second clip, which was never aired as a part of the official interview done by by Valentina Alazraki or released subsequently, was added onto another clip, which made it seem like the other clip (that those with SSA should have be a part of a family [with their parents]) was being used as a justification or rationale for the claim concerning civil unions in the second clip. Even if that it is the case, Pope Francis nevertheless did make some statements concerning civil unions. Will the deleted portions of the interview be made available? Will the Vatican Press Office issue a clarification or denial on behalf of Pope Francis? I wouldn't be surprised if there is no clarification issued.

Archimandrite Seraphim Bit-Haribi

The Papacy and Oriental Orthodoxy