Saturday, September 10, 2016

Is this the response to the petitioners requesting clarification?

Rorate Caeli: For the record: Pope Francis confirms Amoris Laetitia allows communion for adulterers

Cardinal Parolin, Again

Did the previous Secretaries of State receive the same amount of coverage from Vatican Radio News?

Fr. Lombardi on Benedict XVI's Latest

Beautiful Photo

ORPR Russian Orthodox Youth Camp

Nicholas Denysenko on the Nativity of the Theotokos

Pray Tell: A Holy Birth: The Nativity of Mary

Fr. Louis-Marie de Blignières on Chapter 8 of Amoris Laetitia

Rorate Caeli: Extensive Article on the problems of Amoris Laetitia -- English translation of the French original

Catholic Conclave: Sexual revolution in the Vatican. John Paul II Institute stormed and humiliated
CWR The Dispatch: Why Pope Francis is wrong about extending mercy to creation and the environment by Carl E. Olson
I am increasingly convinced that this papacy, for all of its strengths, weaknesses, and oddities, could well be known, down the road, as the Papacy of Sentimentality.

Being a Byzantine Jesuit

By Cyril Pinchak, SJ

The Legacy of Conrad Baars

2012: Remembering Catholic Psychiatrist Conrad Baars by Jim Graves
Sue Baars reflects on her father’s contributions to psychiatry and the Church.

Catholic Psychotherapy Association
From 2010: Free Catholic psychotherapy workshops available via teleconferencing

Is it integral to monastic or religious life as such?

the use of liturgical texts in Greek, Latin, Church Slavonic,or Syriac/Aramaic? How much of Coptic is intelligible to the average Coptic Christian?

Is it the case that the use of such languages is not essential to monastic life and to most forms of religious life -- except those religious communities that seek to specialize in learning Greek/Latin/etc. for the sake of study, knowing the roots of their theological tradition, and theological dialogue. Indeed, to have certain orders or religious houses dedicated to the study of important texts in their original languages would be of great service to the Church, I would think. For them, to be so familiar with the language that they are able to pray (and converse) in those languages would be an ideal standard, and this could be a component of their identity or charism.


Thursday, September 08, 2016

In Good Shape or Bad Shape?

An Icon of the Theotokos

The 12 Great Feasts

The Nativity of the Theotokos

Adam's Sin

What of Cardinal Parolin?

How will history judge him when this pontificate is a memory?

Not a Latin!

Metaphysically Problematic

If he's not speaking literally, it's very sloppy.

Then again, perhaps we should blame the one who is doing the tweeting for Pope Francis. The Latin version seems better:

Previews of Benedict XVI's New Book

Benedikt XVI. bricht sein Schweigen (English translation at Catholic Conclave)

"SZ": Benedikt XVI. kritisiert in neuem Buch katholische Kirche in Deutschland (English translation)

The Catholic Thing: Pope Francis in Conciliar Context by Howard Kainz

OAJ Interview with Seraphim O'Keefe

Religious Freedom and the Security State

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Guardian of Scripture

Chiesa: Ecumenists Out of the House. But Inside It’s a Melee

Big smiles with Constantinople and Moscow. But a heavy hand with the Byzantine oases in the West. The emblematic cases of the Italo-Albanian dioceses and the monastery of Grottaferrata

Eastern Christian Books: Between Sanity and Sanctity

Eastern Christian Books: Between Sanity and Sanctity

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

CWR: Pope Francis, Henri de Lubac, and the Decentralizing of Church Authority
The Holy Father wants to enhance the authority of episcopal conferences. But one of his theological lodestones warned of the dangers of such an approach—dangers come to fruition in countries such as Germany.
By Dr. Samuel Gregg

Monday, September 05, 2016

Mother of God

Saw a print of the archangel "Uriel" hanging on the wall of the parish residence yesterday; I didn't think it had been sanctioned but maybe it's an older print.

From 2002: Vatican bans rogue angels

Saint Hermione

Neo-Gothic FSSP Temple in Denver

NLM: Completing the Gothic Aesthetic of a Parish Church by Peter Kwasniewski

I like the sketches; the interior looks like it will be colorful... but I can't still identify with neo-Gothic.

Sunday, September 04, 2016

For the Record

How much (supernatural) prudence is required for the discernment of whether someone has entered into the glory of God or not, as opposed to the movement of the Holy Spirit? It makes sense to me for this to be left in the hands of the local bishop, who might have more of a familiarity with the person in question, or at least with the local cult of that person, as opposed to using a bureaucratic means of assessing that person's holiness. It also makes sense for that person to be adopted into the local liturgical calendar first, and then adopting that feast in the universal calendar of that rite, after the cult has spread, etc. But do bishops no longer have that "authority" to change the local liturgical calendar? Or is it a right that they can reclaim for themselves from the bishop of Rome?

Does a patriarch have sole authority over the liturgical calendar for his region or "particular Church" or rite?

How much of the average Latin Catholic's judgment concerning the sanctity of a person is shaped by that person's exposure through the mass media, a form of "marketing" as it were, rather than by personal familiarity with that person, or knowing someone who is familiar with that person? Should the opinion of someone shaped solely by mass media be taken into consideration in assessing the state of the cult? What role does faith play in the private or public judgment of individuals of someone else's sanctity? Plenty were told Fr. Maciel was a saint and believed it.
Ecclectic Orthodoxy: Prayer of Saint Aidan

MacIntyre Has a New Book

Cambridge University Press: Ethics in the Conflicts of Modernity

Thinker Behind the “Benedict Option” Appears to be Taking a Neo-Marxist Turn