Friday, October 04, 2019

Two from Magister

Even a Cardinal Close To Bergoglio Is Condemning the Dangers of the Synods of the Amazon and Germany
From the Amazon To Germany and Its “Anti-Roman Complex.” The Lesson of Cardinal Brandmüller

Fallacy by Association

Active participation is bad because it was an ideal promoted by Bugnini and others after Vatican 2!

It doesn't matter what different Latin proponents of the 20th century liturgical movement may have thought. (Not all thought that everything had to be in the "vernacular" and even a few did not even consider translating the liturgy into another language.)

Are there any instances of good active participation involving a version of the vernacular, hieratic or not? One does not expect comparative liturgy from a Latin traditionalist.

1P5: ‘Virtually Impossible with an All-Latin Liturgy’: A Brief History of Active Participation by Sharon Kabel

Some Reading on Newman