Thursday, August 04, 2016

Seeking to Understand Jorge Bergoglio


A great deal of commentary on the present reigning pontiff of the Catholic Church has been focused, especially here in the United States, on his political and economic policies. These include his preoccupation with themes concerning poverty, immigration, and social justice, as well as the environment and global warming. While these are interesting speculations, they do not answer the question of the deeper theological vision underlying these political positions. An important element perhaps lies in the simple fact that he is a product of 20th-century Jesuit formation. First, one must take into consideration Father Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, whose thought has become almost universally accepted within the Jesuit order..

The Pope and Perón By Dr. Samuel Gregg
Does a long-deceased Latin American populist provide us with insight into Pope Francis?

"Three Pathways into the Theological Mind of Pope Francis" by Keith Lemna and David H. Delaney

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