Sunday, April 19, 2020

Acoustical Considerations...


"Weep Not for Me, O Mother"

An Interview with Adrian Vermeule

Le Grand Continent: Adrian Vermeule : « L’échelle géographique d’un programme de bien commun devra être celle de l’État administratif » (via MOJ)

Unfortunately it is available only for subscribers.

It is clear from the title though that he is a proponent of a centralized national government and a statist.

Jesse Billett: An Anglican Liturgist Reflects on Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Reunion

His presentation reminded me of the sad events of Church history. In the past some Latin polemicists have faulted the heresy, or laxity, or even their rebelliousness with respect to Rome of Eastern Christians for their being conquered by Muslims. What if the chastisement was not for these reasons but for failures in charity, first in the relations between the Byzantine Christians and the non-Chalcedonian Christians (or Orthodox)? And later, there were failures in charity by those ruling the Eastern Roman, or "Byzantine," Empire and possibly even those holding authority in the Byzantine churches...

What is Christianity?

An Icon of the Divine Mercy

Silverstream Priory has it on this page -- I don't think is an icon belonging to the community as the photo has been used elsewhere.

Corul Vox Medicalis - Hristos A Înviat/Christos Anesti/Christ Is Risen

Russian Use...

A Brief Historical Look at the Liturgy by Archpriest Andrei Ukhtomsky