Sunday, January 12, 2014

This essay, "Where East Meets West is Best," got me thinking about an English Gothic and Byzantine hybrid design for a temple. Not like the 'wholly' Byzantine style of Westminster Cathedral. I can visualize how a temple without a dome might incorporate some features of Gothic architecture, Gothic arches - it might be more (neo-)Gothic than Byzantine, in some respects - imagine transforming St. Ignatius Church with an iconostasis, for example. A neo-Gothic temple that is more of a square than the Latin cruciform shape - is that possible? Is it possible to construct a wooden dome, with ribs/slices? I think there are some Orthodox temples near here that have domes not made from stone or concrete, but I could be wrong about the construction material.
NLM: Fr. Cassian Speaks on Summorum Pontificum at Brompton Oratory - OSB Norcia

"Summorum Pontificum and Liturgical Law"

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Has Ignatius Press become more friendly to Roman-rite traditionalists? (Possibly due to the pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI?)