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Fr. Christiaan Kappes


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A Review of The Cross and the Stag

Fr. Georges

Christopher Altieri Calls out Archbishop Viganò, Again

CWR: “Team Viganò” versus “Team Francis” one year on by Christopher R. Altieri

We are seeing the worst ecclesiastical leadership crisis in at least five hundred years play out as a popularity contest.

Will Rome finally intervene in the troubled Diocese of Buffalo?
Pressure mounts on Buffalo bishop after two seminarians resign over scandal

From the latter: "Malone is widely considered to be a test case for Vos Estis Lux Mundi, the Vatican’s newly enacted norms for bishop accountability, and Buffalo is now viewed by many Church observers as the new epicenter for the U.S. Church’s abuse crisis."

27th International Ecumenical Conference on Orthodox Spirituality

Monastero di Bose: 27th International Ecumenical Conference on Orthodox Spirituality
In the Church, in the world, in the present time

September 4-6, 2019

(via Panorthodox Synod)

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Theotokos of the Sign

Fr. Thomas Loya on the Married Priesthood

CWR: Married priesthood, celibacy, and the Amazon Synod: An Eastern Catholic priest’s perspective

The tradition of the Eastern Churches reminds us that the mutually exclusive dichotomy is not between marriage and priesthood but between marriage and monasticism.

One of the combox commentators recommended the work of Fr. Laurent Touze. From what is available on the internet, it would seem that Laurent Touze's L’avenir du celibat sacerdotal is more a work of theology than of history, relying instead on Stickler, Cochini and Heid, both of which are disputed by non-Latin historians. Does the author recognize that it was not always the case that bishops were celibate and unmarried, despite the preference of most Apostolic Churches now for such episcopal candidates? One article records his claim that that married priests in "Oriental rites" (not the Oriental Churches as they should be recognized) would eventually disappear [sic] as people slowly return to the "Tradition" of the "Church." Such a Latin chauvinism should not be unsurprising from an Opus Dei priest-academic.

The old Latin canard regarding Trullo/Quinisext has mentioned in the combox as well by those who are ignorant of the fact that the Oriental Orthodox Churches and the Assyrian Church (as well as the Maronites) were not present at Trullo but nonetheless maintain the option of a married presbyters as being part of their received tradition, a fact Anthony Dragani points out in his review of Stickler.

Regardless of the theology to justify the current Latin discipline, Rome recognizes that the discipline is not a divinely-given precept but one that is ecclesial. As such, its non-observance by those priests who are not obligated to follow it is not a sin, nor is the belief that the discipline is mutable heretical. Latin theologians may justify their preference for the discipline through theological arguments, but theological arguments do not create a new divinely-revealed precept, and the judgment based on such arguments that the current discipline is better for the Church, that is the patriarchate of Rome, does not fall under any hitherto accepted Latin notion of infallibility. At worse such theologians, when denigrating the legitimate discipline of other Apostolic Churches in favor of their own ecclesial tradition, give the appearance of being like those whom our Lord criticized as elevating the customs of men over the Divine Law.

It is claimed that Roman Cholij has not renounced his work/historical scholarship on the question of the observance of clerical continence but he does accept the Byzantine discipline. Has the historical data been made definitively clear regarding the discipline?

The Council in TruIlo: Monogamy and the Ordained Priesthood - what does the author think of the recent decision by the Ecumenical Patriarchate, then?

Mandated Celibacy Among US Eastern Catholic Priests Theme of Seminar in Rome

I see the St. Paul Center has a new apologetic for the Latin discipline: Why Celibacy?: Reclaiming the Fatherhood of the Priest by Fr. Carter Griffin

Keeping the Church Typicon


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What Language for the Liturgy?

America: The liturgy was made for all people and languages, not just Latin. by Joseph P. Amar

Should Latin be retained at all, at least for those peoples who speak Romance languages? And even then, just for certain unchangeable parts of the Mass, like the Creed or the Our Father?

Are current translations of the Roman Missal sufficiently hieratic?

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The Sign of the Cross

Adam DeVille's Response to the Pew Survey

CWR Dispatch: Belief in the Real Presence: Thoughts from the East by Dr. Adam A. J. DeVille

We must not forget that, for all its problems, the Christian East, which largely eschews talk of “transubstantiation” and similar Western terms, has never really experienced a major crisis of Eucharistic faith.

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More from Christopher R. Altieri on the JP2 Institute

CWR Dispatch: JPII Institute purge a case of Vatican types refusing to be honest, transparent by Christopher R. Altieri

What should have been a reasonably straightforward reorganization has become a protracted struggle. It didn’t have to be this way.

Aquinas 101


Orientale Lumen Conference: "One City, One Bishop"

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AL and the JP2 Institute

CWR: “Amoris laetitia” is at the center of the controversy over the John Paul II Theological Institute by Christopher R. Altieri

The architects and executors of the new Institute want the place to have a more sympathetic focus on the much-debated Apostolic Exhortation than they believe it has heretofore received from former faculty and administrators.

A Suitable Lesson about the Holy Spirit?

Bishop John Kudrick

Metropolitan Borys

The 40 Thousand Mile Man

Eastern Christian Books: A Very Short Introduction to Orthodox Christianity: An Interview with A.E. Siecienski

Eastern Christian Books: A Very Short Introduction to Orthodox Christianity: An Interview with A.E. Siecienski


The Eighth Day Institute

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An Interview with Stephen Bullivant

CWR: Why have Catholics in the UK and US been leaving the Church since Vatican II? by Dr. Adam A. J. DeVille

Theologian and sociologist Stephen Bullivant says a big part of his argument in Mass Exodus is “that the ‘social architecture’ that had sustained and strengthened Catholic life and identity was well on the road to passing away by the time the Council came along.”

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Upholding the Monoepiscopate: One City, One Bishop

What powers does a bishop have that a presbyter doesn't, and why should the bishop have those powers instead of the presbyter? What about scale? (Or "subsidiarity"?) Does unity of Christians in a geographical area require the monoepiscopacy, or can it be achieved through synodality with a limited primacy for one?

A Translation of Barth

Digitization of Mount Athos Treasures

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A Dominican Rite First Mass

Archbishop Gullickson on Liturgical Restoration

Jared Ortiz on the Latin Tradition of Deification

Public Orthodoxy: How Catholics Have Always Believed and Taught Deification

The People of God

It goes on to recognize an ecclesiology that sees the sacrament of Baptism as the foundation of the vocation and ministry of every Christian, clergy and laity alike. Thus all the People of God together constitute a single community.

And what of chrismation? No one wants to touch that question - why not? Byzantines and others could easily become polemical with respect to Latin pastoral practice regrading confirmation.

the document

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