Friday, March 12, 2021

Tertullian: The Source of a Grand Mistake?

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Intercession and Sacrifice

Problematic Western Christianity. Suffering is a means of purification and greater charity, but it is charity which makes intercession powerful.

What Sort of Interfaith Dialogue?

Sandro Magister: Why in Iraq the Pope Had To Keep Quiet About the Jews

Meanwhile, from Jerusalem, Israeli rabbi David Rosen, a leading figure in the dialogue with the Catholic Church, told “Asia News”:

“The visit by Pope Francis is linked to the Declaration on Human Fraternity signed in Abu Dhabi two years ago. I am happy about this gesture and I hope it will bear fruit. From my perspective, however, I also hope that this path will further expand, because at present, it is still an initiative only between Christians and Muslims. I am happy that it now involves the whole Islamic world. Still, it would also be important for the recognition of fraternity include an official Jewish representative. This is not only because of the deep bond that exists with Christianity, but also because of what it would mean for Islam. Until we don’t get one, a declaration on fraternity will lay open to the risk of being misinterpreted.”

How acceptable is this opinion?

His Ghostwriter

A Latin pov on St. Joseph: The often silent and surprising history of devotion to Saint Joseph by Sandra Miesel

Probably It Will Make a Debut at the National Basilica in DC Too

But it's not liturgically appropriate.

Paul Kingsnorth Interview

Latin Integralism Justifying Statism