Wednesday, May 11, 2016

George Kordis Exhibition in Taipei

Heavenly Beauty on Earth: Contemporary Egg Tempera Orthodox ICONS - Museum of World Religions current exhibitions

George Kordis gallery

The Union of Uzhorod

He discovered a 370-year document: It’s the “baptismal certificate” of Greek Catholics (via Byz, TX) - original article
CWR: The History, Enemies, and Importance of Natural Law
Philosophy, says Dr. John Lawrence Hill, "played a fundamental role in my conversion to Christianity. I think most non-Christians—at least if they are thoughtful about these matters—really haven’t confronted themselves with the contradictions of their own worldview."

St. John of San Francisco: A Living Legacy

Fr. Alexander Rentel and Archdeacon John Chryssavgis on the Pan-Orthodox Council


The Necessity of Baptism for non-Orthodox Christians Converting to the Orthodox Church

An Orthodox makes the case...

Pravoslavie: The Recognition of the Baptism of the Heterodox as the Basis for a New Ecclesiology (In Step with Vatican II)
A paper delivered at the Theological-Academic Conference "The Great and Holy Council: Great Preparation without Expectations," March 23, 2016 in Piraeus, Greece

(via Byz, TX)

Francis Writes to Tawadros II