Monday, October 17, 2016

Face of a Dying Order

They met have some vocations from third world countries (should we ask about the level of catechesis there?), but there is no vitality in the order.

A Liturgy in Which Rite?

The Remnant: Fighting the Papal Fetish to Win Back the Papacy by John Rao

I wish that I could say that I am as certain that we are “awakened” to what we positively need to know for the future of the Social Kingship of Christ as I am that we are correct in fighting that papal fetish that seeks to block desperately needed criticism of the current pontificate. Quite frankly, I think that there is still too much anti-intellectualism, too much John Locke, too much Adam Smith, too much American parochialism, too much obsession with enemies now dead and buried, and too much hope for salvation from some new Constantine focused on matters of secondary importance to recognize what the papal fetish is really blocking knowledge of in 2016. And that is the fact that the willful Nominalism of the later Middle Ages, destructive of all categories of knowledge, the willful Lutheranism of the sixteenth century, destructive of all legitimate social authority, and the willful, freedom-obsessed, Anglo-American and Continental Liberalism of the eighteenth and nineteenth century, destructive of all restraints on individual madness, with all of the contradictory, capitalist, statist, and libertine consequences that emerge therefrom, have now wormed their way into the teachings and actions of the legitimate successor of St. Peter.

A little too negative and anti-American?

But Capital Punishment Does Not Exclude Hope