Monday, October 26, 2020

Institutional Clericalism is Opposed to Humility

Despite his denunciation of clericalism, Francis embodies it as much as his opponents, real or imaginary.

The Lamp

The Story of Khalid Ibn Al-Walid

The Mosaics of St. Sava Cathedral

Orthodox Christianity

On Miracles

Water Found on the Moon

Holy Demetrios, Pray for Us!

“Our Lady of Guápulo”

One Can Do Anything with Allegory

Including preventing any future changes, even those that would seem to be sensible.

Peter Kwasniewski

This Needs a Reform that the Current Pontificate Will Not Implement

The real problem is having men who don't know each other well enough to know each other's qualifications select from among themselves the next bishop of Rome.

Phil Lawler

Another Latin Appropriation of Something Eastern

It is especially bizarre as it is to advertise a missal for the Roman rite.

The Final Pagan Generation by Edward Watts

UC Press