Thursday, April 26, 2018

But Islam Will Never Embrace Historical Criticism

What If Muhammad Didn’t Write the Qur’an? by Will Jones

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Greek Chauvinism

Does it exist today within Chalcedonian Orthodox circles? Do non-Greek clerics who can speak ecclesiastical Greek feel welcome among Greeks as equals? (And what if they don't speak Greek?)

Greek is no longer a universal language or lingua franca of the Church Universal, but of a minority of Christians. Is the language used as a barrier to entry to certain ecclesial networks?

I was thinking that it should be an ideal quality, if not a qualification, for the bishop of Rome to be be fluent in ecclesiastical Greek. But would this just reinforce Greek chauvinism, if it exists? Perhaps it is not meant to be for the Church to have a universal language (despite the historic pretensions of Greeks and Latins alike).