Monday, May 25, 2015

Saint Antonios Orthodox Church in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

"Hi, we thought you may be interested in seeing our new Altar. It was just created for the new Saint Antonios Orthodox...

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How far is the temple from the Franciscans of Halifax?

The Franciscans of Halifax (Documentary Demo) from Matthew A. MacDonald on Vimeo.


Unfortunately, the color scheme reminds me of the products from Monastery Icons. (It is recommended that Catholics and Orthodox not purchase the company's products.)

Video from the Church of Saints Constantinos and Elene

"Here is a video at the church of Saints Constantinos and Elene on the eve of the feast day. I especially like this part...

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Metropolitan Kallistos Ware recounts his acquaintance with Elder Sophrony.

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Pemptousia: A Conversation with the Elder Sophrony

An Anniversary That Will Be Ignored

Peter Kwasniewski, On the 25th Anniversary of the CDF's Instruction on the Ecclesial Vocation of the Theologian

FSSP North America 2015 Ordinations

Rorate Caeli: Event: FSSP Ordinations in North America - Live Broadcast on Saturday, May 30 - FSSP
SVOTS: SVS Press Launches Coptic Studies Series