Thursday, January 10, 2019

Uh oh

Sandro Magister: Francis From Innocent To Guilty. Bad News From His Argentina

Patrick Coffin Interviews Marco Tosatti

Good luck with that.

Roman Catholics still trying to dialogue with liberals.

Human Rights and the Truth About Man: The Universal Declaration at 70 V. Bradley Lewis
COMMENTARY: It remains a task for Catholic defenders of human rights to show that a fully adequate understanding of human rights is not possible without an understanding of the truth about man, which is also the truth about God.

Fr. John Cush on Jacques Maritain

NCReg: Discovering New Theologians: Jacques Maritain by Father John P. Cush
Maritain’s thought, based on the perennial wisdom on Saint Thomas Aquinas, can be a guide in helping the Church to instruct the world in the way of truth.

Roman Forum 2019

Rorate Caeli: Roman Forum 2019

Psychology To Orthodox Spirituality: A Talk By Abbot Jonah Paffhausen (Now Metropolitan Jonah)