Tuesday, September 16, 2014

With a Short Excerpt from Louis Bouyer's Recently Published Memoirs

Original Sins: Eucharistic Prayer II - composed in a few hours in a Roman Trattoria

I need to get a copy of the book.

Some Hope it Will Be "Extraordinary"

Family: After the preventive “wars”, it’s over to the Synod

Pamphlets, books and interviews have focused on the question of communion for remarried divorcees. But there are many more questions that remain open and are to be discussed by the Synod fathers

What to think of this?

Vatican Diary / Exile to Malta for Cardinal Burke by Sandro Magister

As the impeccable prefect of the supreme tribunal of the apostolic signatura, he is on the verge of being demoted to the purely honorary role of “patron” of an order of knighthood. At the behest of Pope Francis

Reigning and “Emeritus.” The Enigma of the Two Popes by Sandro Magister

It is an unprecedented innovation in the history of the Church. With many unknowns still unresolved, and with serious risks already in play. An analysis by Roberto de Mattei

Assyrian Orthodox Patriarch

St Nicholas Patriarchal Cathedral marks the anniversary of September 11

The Significance of Saint Paisius Velichkovsky by Father Herman Podmoshensky