Monday, October 20, 2014

Magister Wrap-Up of the First Part of the Synod

The True Story of This Synod. Director, Performers, Assistants by Sandro Magister

New paradigms of divorce and homosexuality are now at home in the highest levels of the Church. Nothing has been decided, but Pope Francis is patient. An American historian confutes the ideas of “La Civilt√† Cattolica”

Includes another response to Jesuit priest Giancarlo Pani by E. Christian Brugger.

Relocalization... for the Church

It's Over, For Now

Fr. Z: Extraordinary Synod on Family is, thanks be to God, over.

Francis: Church has one year to mature. In the meantime, its doors are wide open
Synod approves “relatio synodi”: Remarried divorcees remain a controversial topic
“The Church is open and excludes no one” Synod says in concluding message
Cardinal Marx: Exclusion is not the language of the Church, the debate remains open

Classics of the Liturgical Movement: The Soul of the Apostolate


Commemoration Day of the Apostle Ananias