Saturday, December 23, 2017

Cappella Romana in San Francisco

in Sacramento:

The Laying on of Hands

In the ordination of priests, what is the significance of the laying on of hands on the ordinandi by other priests? (In the Roman rite -- but I think it is also the custom in the Byzantine rite?) What does it mean, if priests do not have the power to ordain priests, only bishops do? Is it merely symbolic? Or does it signify something that has been forgotten?

How far back does the custom go? Is the custom possibly a legacy of the ecclesial order that existed before the development of the monoepiscopate?

Strong Claims

Linking the Roman Curia to the Petrine ministry of the bishop of Rome to the Church Universal and beyond. But where is the foundation in Sacred Tradition for this?

Pope Francis exhorts Curia to avoid “unbalanced and debased mindset of plots and small cliques”

“The universal nature of the Curia’s service,” the Holy Father told Curia members in the annual pre-Christmas address, “… wells up and flows out from the catholicity of the Petrine ministry.”

(original: CNA)