Monday, October 15, 2018

The Papal posse with Raymond Arroyo

First Things: LETTERS FROM THE SYNOD-2018: #9
October 15, 2018 / by Xavier Rynne II
The ninth in a series of reports on Synod-2018.

Changing the Practice of the Sacraments of Initiation for Children?

In areas where infant morality is low, can a case be made that for some children, the giving of the sacraments of initiation should be delayed until they have been properly catechized and can choose to receive them? Here I am thinking of children whose parents have been poorly catechized and have a non-existent prayer life, and have very little to give to their children. Is it proper to expect the parish priest (or parish community) to shoulder the burden of preparing their children to become Christians? Should there be a more serious examination of whether parents are actually ready to educate their children before administering the sacraments of initiation to the children?

Psaltikon and Manuel Chrysaphes

From 2017: Stephen Brock - "Aquinas and the Life of the Mind"