Sunday, November 08, 2020

Not Politically Correct

Hebraic Exceptionalism

Imaginative Conservative

Byzantine Triumphalism

How much more do they have to lose before they learn the lesson? Lord have mercy. All jurisdictions will have to re-evaluate their notions of primacy and ecclesial authority before there can be full reconciliation. Matthew 20:25.

The Problem with Snippets

Is that they are too short and if they are valid, they must be understood within orthodoxy. One could read this from a Pelagian view, or from an orthodoxy synergist view.

Nina Shea on the Sino-Vatican Agreement

Not a Fan of This Mosaic

It's as bad as the mosaic of Christ in the National Shrine. I am having a difficulty finding out from which temple this mosaic is; the photo itself has been used a lot without attribution.

Metropolitan Kallistos Ware on St. Gregory of Nyssa

Oxford University Byzantine Society Call for Papers

Sveta zaupokojena liturgija Hram Hristovog Vaskrenja Podgorica

Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ in Podgorica, Montenegro