Friday, August 16, 2013

Called to Communion: The Freedom of the Church: A Review of Hugo Rahner’s Church and State in Early Christianity

Another Week

Another Orthodox representation of Catholic teaching on original sin, this time at Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy: Original and Ancestral Sin: A Brief Comparison.
Rorate Caeli: Insignia of the Pope

How much of these really need to be brought back? There are undoubtedly some who are disappointed that Pope Benedict did not do enough to restore Catholic "tradition" in this regard. Meanwhile, a recovery of a proper understanding of the episcopal office (and the office of the pope) is neglected?

Two Dominican Heavyweights

Serge-Thomas Bonino and Romanus Cessario

"Pacem in Terris: After 50 Years," Session Three: Sovereignty and Subsidiarity, Jean Bethke Elshtain