Monday, April 20, 2020

English Translation of the Vermeule Interview in Le Grand Continent

MOJ: Common-Good Constitutionalism Interview (English Translation)

This is what happens when Catholic intellectuals don't critically examine their own starting premises. They need to be called out on it, even if it doesn't lead to their opening their minds, because the rhetoric isn't for their benefit but for the benefit of the uneducated who know they are not educated.

"The Angel Cried"

Praying in the Name of the Lord

All in Christ

Persona (Non)Grata? Orthodox Readings of Augustine Revisited, Fr. Robert Dodaro, OSA

Paul Airiau , "Louis Bouyer, du centre à la marge?"

A chapter from Liturgie et société, edited by Bruno Dumons, Vincent Petit, Christian Sorrel

El abrazo. La presentazione del libro di Mikel Azurmendi - Comunione e Liberazione

ХРИСТОС ВОСКРЕС / Christus resurrexit / Χριστός Ανέστη

A Retractable Icon Screen