Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Teaching the Natural Sciences

James Chastek, Classical education and the math/science problem

Re: teaching the natural sciences - I have not seen Dr. Rizzi's textbook yet - it might be useful for secondary level students. I think beyond learning the general principles of the natural sciences, students should become familiar with living things that are relevant to their own lives - animals and plants they eat, and so on. As for non-living things - some knowledge of certain chemicals/substances, but any modelling will be educated opinion. Even the use of experiments may lead only to educated opinion, at best, and so we should probably resign ourselves to the limits to the knowledge we who do not have the laboratory or materials can obtain through the analysis to elements, etc.

A book has been written based on his text - First Physics, by Murray Daw. (St. Augustine's Press)

Just saw this blog, again - no recent entries - Real Physics TM.

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