Monday, October 29, 2018

Eastern Catholic Bishops Should Boycott

cNA: Synod 2018’s final document shows nuances on ‘synodality’

The synod does not represent the Church Universal.

Archbishop Chaput on the Synod

Too optimistic a view?

The synod had its problems, but the final document is an improvement over the original instrumentum laboris text.
CWR Dispatch: Observations on the Final Days of the Synod by Fr Nicholas Gregoris
Is the Final Document truly a fruit of the collegiality and synodality, so frequently touted by Pope Francis and his equipe? Or is it something that is presented to the Synod Fathers as a fait accompli?

Sandro Magister, The Final Document of the Synod. The Votes on the Most Controversial Points

David Lantigua on Early Modern Catholic Social Teaching and World Order

From a Flawed Perspective?

A Latin ecclesiology dominates the mindset of the author at least...

Eastern Christian Books: The Ecumenism of Blood

Ecumenism of Blood: Heavenly Hope for Earthly Communion

An imperfect communion with the bishop of Rome, but out of communion with the Church? Questionable.

«Православная энциклопедия» / "Елизавета Федоровна Романова"