Thursday, February 15, 2018

Pope Francis Appealing to Vatican II for Cover

Catholic Conclave: Pope- "Do not read blogs that call me a heretic" - source

«¿Dónde es que nuestro pueblo ha sido creativo?» Conversaciones con jesuitas de Chile y Perú

China en la mirada del papa Francisco

Russell Shaw on Germain Grisez

CWR Dispatch: The quiet, wide-ranging influence of Germain Grisez by Russell Shaw

The late moral theologian, who died on February 1st at the age of 88, had a profound impact on moral theology over the past sixty […]

Couldn't Be Bothered

So the Melkite had to concelebrate with the bishop of Rome in the Roman rite. Understandable. But the bishop of Rome couldn't celebrate Mass ad orientem just this once out of respect for Eastern sensibility?

CNA: Pope of Rome, Melkite Patriarch concelebrate mass