Saturday, October 08, 2016

Pray Tell: Is Liturgical Reform Possible? by Nicholas Denysenko

Learn the Shema Prayer in Hebrew (Shema Yisrael)

Pray Tell: Viewpoint: On Praying the Psalms on Behalf of the World by Msgr. M. Francis Mannion

Not bad, but where is the Roman Catholic equivalent to Christ in the Psalms by Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon?

Found this today: A Psalter for Prayer: An Adaptation of the Classic Miles Coverdale Translation Augmented by Prayers and Instructional Material Drawn From Church Slavonic and Other Orthodox

How is the translation? Sufficiently Anglicanish? What's a good resource for learning (post-)Elizabethan English?

Wiki: Early Modern English

Msgr. Paul McPartlan on the Chieti Document

Catholic and Orthodox find common ground in early Church understanding by John Burger
Member of ecumenical panel explains why the dialogue's latest document is significant

Eastern Catholic Monastics of the West Coast

The Way of Christ

An Introduction to Byzantine Chant

Friday, October 07, 2016

Friendship with Christ


More from the Archbishop of Canterbury's Visit

A Lot of Old Faces

Of course, the archbishop of Canterbury shows up with a "priestess"

General Congregation 36 News

CWR Dispatch: The way forward after the Catholic-Orthodox agreement on primacy and synodality

How are we to reconcile the dogmatic fact of Vatican I’s universalizing claims with the now publicly admitted historical fact of regional limitations to the authority of the bishop of Rome in the first millennium?
October 07, 2016 01:38 EST
Dr. Adam A. J. DeVille

Maxim Sheshukov

Christ Our Pascha

St. Josaphat Eparchy

English Edition of CHRIST OUR PASCHA, the Catechism of the Ukrainian Catholic Church, is now published and available!

Thursday, October 06, 2016

NCReg: Next Synod Will Be on 'Young People, the Faith and Discernment of Vocation' by Edward Pentin
Meeting of bishops from around the world to be held at the Vatican in October 2018.

Will they sneak in clerical celibacy in the discussion about vocations and discernment?

And how sacrifice and prayer offered in the temple in Jerusalem?

Pray Tell: Did the Presider Face East in the Early Church? by Paul Bradshaw

Eastern Christian Books: Vatican II and the Christian East

Eastern Christian Books: Vatican II and the Christian East
Chiesa: The Reform of the Reform “Will Happen.” The Pope Wants It, Too

This is what Francis has said in private to Cardinal Sarah, only to deny the whole thing afterward in a statement. But the prefect of the liturgy is promising it once again, in a book of his that goes on sale today, entitled “The Power of Silence”
Chiesa: Buenos Aires and Rome. For Francis, These Are the Model Dioceses

In the one and the other the pope has made it known what kind of implementation he wants for the eighth chapter of “Amoris Laetitia,” the one about communion for the divorced and remarried. His approved spokesmen: the Argentine bishops and his cardinal vicar
ITI: 20 years ITI: celebratory weekend highlights the universality of the Catholic Church
Over 300 guests from around the world came to Trumau September 30th – October 1st; Cardinal Schönborn calls the founding of the ITI 20 years ago by St. John Paul II visionary

Monday, October 03, 2016

Revealing the Real Music of St. Francis of Assisi

Franciscan University professor Nicholas Will speaks of beloved saint’s transition from troubadour to Tradition, by Trent Beattie, NCReg (via Chant Cafe)
Pravoslavie: On Psalm 50 by Fr. John Whiteford

Is Psalm 50 a Messianic psalm? Why does the psalm culminate in animal sacrifice? How should we incorporate this psalm in our daily prayers? Fr. John Whiteford talks about one of the most often-read psalms.

The Wisdom of the World...

A New Mitre

Pray Tell

Kyrie Eleison.

From Svetitskhoveli Cathedral

aleteia article

(via Byz, TX)

Not Again

CWR/CNA: Full text of Pope Francis' in-flight press conference from Azerbaijan
Topics discussed include the papal visit to Georgia, religions and human rights, marriage and "Amoris laetitia", gender ideology, future trips, and the U.S. presidential election.

CWR: Cardinal Robert Sarah on "The Strength of Silence" and the Dictatorship of Noise
In a wide-ranging interview with "La Nef", Cardinal Sarah discusses his new book, published in France, saying, "By living with the silent God, and in Him, we ourselves become silent."
By CWR Staff

In the current liturgical context of the Latin-rite world, how can we overcome the mistrust that remains between some devotees of the two liturgical forms of the same Roman rite who refuse to celebrate the other form and consider it sometimes with a certain disdain?

Cdl. Sarah: To damage the liturgy is to damage our relationship to God and the expression of our Christian faith. Cardinal Charles Journet declared: “Liturgy and catechesis are the two jaws of the pincers with which the devil wants to steal the faith away from the Christian people and seize the Church so as to crush, annihilate and destroy it definitively. Even today the great dragon is keeping watch on the woman, the Church, ready to devour her child.” Yes, the devil wants us to be opposed to each other at the very heart of the sacrament of unity and fraternal communion. It is time for this mistrust, contempt and suspicion to cease. It is time to rediscover a Catholic heart. It is time to rediscover together the beauty of the liturgy, as the Holy Father Francis recommends to us, for, he says, “the beauty of the liturgy reflects the presence of the glory of our God resplendent in His people who are alive and consoled” (Homily for the Chrism Mass, March 28, 2013).

And then we have this post and the subsequent comments... False Nostalgia: The Culture of the Latin Mass from a Millennial’s Perspective -- the author does not address the revision of the liturgical calendar or the lectionary, the translations, the creation of new Eucharistic prayers for the Roman rite, the non-use of the propers of the Mass.