Monday, July 01, 2019

"Doctor Ecclesiae"...

I suppose this honorific won't be retired any time soon, as it is a conceit of the patriarch of Rome.

Is there any example of "development of doctrine" that isn't a form of theological reasoning? Certainly this is the case with the development of moral teaching. If we set aside the 7 ecumenical councils, what will we find if we look for the premises yielding some of the doctrines put forth by various Latin synods (reckoned to be ecumenical by some Latins) of the second millennium?

What role for deacons in the Latin churches?

Forget married priests - what changes would there have to be to make full-time deacons possible?

A Generous Gesture

Considering the size of the community of Constantinople today.

Ecumenical Patriarchate: Pope Francis of Rome gave relics of Saint Peter to the Church of Constantinople

Canonization of John Henry Newman

Rules for Christian Intellectuals, Part 3

CWR: Rules for Christian Intellectuals, Part III by Dr. Kelly Scott Franklin

The world is falling apart. Gunmen kill civilians in office buildings and schools; babies die in wars and in abortion clinics. People suffer poverty, sexual violence, hunger. Our planet is rife with racism and tyranny [...]

On the Feast of the Sacred Heart

Why One Must Be Careful with Figurative Language

The Church as the Bride of Christ, and individual Christians as "brides" of Christ -- but if the latter is an appropriate application of the first statement, taken literally, that would mean that the Theotokos is both the Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ and His bride. (One of many.) Do you see a problem with that?

(Then there is the Latin title of Mary, Spouse of the Holy Spirit... this will have to be addressed in a separate post.)